About Us: A Brief History of Montagne Vue Lavender Farm

Montagne Vue Farms is the culmination of the Hall Family's vision to live a life more centered around being outdoors. The Hall Family set out in 2018 to find a property that would help them fulfill their grand vision. They searched the state of Arizona and decided that they wanted to be located in the “Central Highlands” of Arizona and focused their search around Chino Valley Arizona. After searching for the best location for over a year, they found their perfect match in a place they call Montagne Vue Farms.

Upon purchase, the property needed some tender loving care due to it being somewhat overgrown and neglected. The Hall Family worked tirelessly to renovate the land, structures and breath life back into the once magnificent farm.

The Hall Family knew that they wanted to make their living off the farm but had no idea what that would look like. In their extensive research they discovered how special Lavender is and the more they learned about it the more they realized it was the perfect crop for their future endeavors.

Organic Lavender Products

In 2020 the Hall Family bought their first lavender plants and have been adding to their crop continuously.

Montagne Vue Farms evolved into making bath and body products full-time. They had been making bath and body products for years, but now have a platform to share these amazing lavender-based products with you!

Our family believes that the quality of our lavender and lavender products is what makes us stand out from other lavender farms in the country. We grow all of our lavender organically, which means that we never use any growth chemicals or pesticides. It’s not just the plants that are grown without harmful substances, but all of the products we make with them too! We harvest only when the plants are at their peak, so our lavender oil contains a wonderful aroma and immaculate scent. Our products are made with a specific focus to be gentle on your skin and great for aromatherapy.

Our stretch of beautiful and fertile farmland is perfect for the growth of lavender, so much so that you can almost see that the lavender is happy to grow in such a gorgeous spot. Montagne Vue lavender farm is not just a place to grow and harvest some of the best lavender in the country, it’s also a place where clean artesian skincare products are made by passionate craftsmen in an environmentally friendly manner.

Our family has been growing lavender for generations, and we know that it does more than just make your house smell nice. From the Hall Family to yours, we hope you join us in celebrating a unique outdoor lifestyle by seeking the many soothing benefits that come from our lavender-based skincare wares.