Collection: Linen & Room Lavender Sprays: Chamomile & Grapefruit

Every day you can use Montagne Vue Farms Linen & Room Spray. Common uses include bathroom towels and bed linens, but customers have used them in their automobiles and even on their stationary. Your imagination is the only limit of the uses for our Linen& Room Spray. Lavender has a natural calming effect, and our Lavender/Chamomile blend is perfect for use before bed or anywhere you want a calming relaxing scent. For a refreshing pick me up try our Lavender/grapefruit blend. The aroma is calming but fresh and uplifting. We formulated
Montagne Vue Farms Linen & Room spray to a be safe and effective alternative to other room sprays that use harsh chemicals.

[Water] Aqua; [Witch Hazel] Hamamelis Virginiana; Fragrance;
[Phenoxyethanaol, Caprylyl, Sorbic Acid] Preservative
Lavender / Chamomile
Lavender / Grapefruit

Not for use on skin, hair, or any other body part.