Collection: Hand-Milled Lavender Bar Soap - Variety Bar Soaps

Our exclusive line of Hand-Milled Lavender Bar Soap is composed of Organic Lavender which we harvest from our private farm: Montagne Vue Lavender Farm. Each Hand-Milled Lavender Bar Soap product is hand-milled using proven milling techniques that ensure a sound composition and a soap bar that will not disintegrate or dissolve with immediate use.


Montagne Vue Lavender Farm hand-crafts bar soap of many scents, strengths, causticity, & abrasiveness to ensure skins of ALL types are well-accounted for concerning cleanliness, exfoliation, presentation, & overall vitality. During our soap crafting process, we use naturally-grown, organic lavender along with other effective ingredients to guarantee a dependable soap product each and every time!


All of Montagne Vue Farm’s soaps are available as a Hand Milled soap. Hand milled soap creates an extra mild, creamy lathering soap. We achieve this by going a step beyond cold process soap making by adding Glycerin and re-emulsifying the cured soap base. Hand Milled soap is safe to use on sensitive skin. Glycerin is a humectant meaning it will draw moisture from the air, this is beneficial when it comes to your skin as it will draw moisture to your skin. Our Hand Milled soaps have an elevated level of glycerin and can consume quicker if kept in a wet environment such as a soap dish that has water in it. We recommend storing on a soap pad that keeps water away from the soap and provides good air circulation or removing from the shower or bath when finished. Montagne Vue Farms Hand Milled Soap provides a gentle moisturizing soap for those like a number of us here at the farm with sensitive skin types.

Please note that Montagne Vue Farm’s Hand Milled soaps are available in limited quantities.