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Welcome to our little slice of life where our family cultivates beautiful aromatic lavender on our very own farm to make a range of wonderful goods including skin essentials and soaps. Our products are made with organically grown lavender that has been planted and harvested in a clean and eco-friendly manner. Located right in the heart of Arizona, our flourishing lavender bushes make for the perfect relaxing balm, butter, oil, or soap.

  • Health

    The quality of our various skin care options are largely a direct result of the quality of our natural, organic lavender being coupled with other premium, choice ingredients to create genuinely beneficial products.

  • Wellness

    Since our establishment in 2018, we've staunchly advocated for the health, wellness, & widespread awareness of the true positives our health & skin care products can offer just about anyone.

  • Awareness

    Our skin care, soaps, balms, butters, oils, & fragrances are a direct reflection of our company values: quality over quantity, principles before profit, & standards shape success!

Premium Cocoa & Lavender Body Butters: Vitamin E & Shea Infused

Cocoa Body Butter UR: With Vitamin E

Cocoa Body Butter UR: With Vitamin E

With the delicate smell of chocolate, Montagne Vue Farm’s Cocoa Body Butter... 

Lavender Body Butter: With Shea

Lavender Body Butter: With Shea

With the delicate smell of chocolate balanced with the sweet smell of... 

Flourishing Fields of Fragrance & Felicity